Regulation for the provision of services by electronic means

Article 1 [Basic information].

(1) These regulations are the regulations for the provision of electronic services through the website: (hereinafter referred to as the "Site").
(2) The owner and provider of electronic services through the Website is: DRPLAN Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością with its registered office in Gliwice, at ul. Tarnogórska 217A, 44-105 Gliwice, registered in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register, maintained by the District Court in Gliwice, X Economic Department - National Court Register, under KRS number: 0000951898, REGON: 521191241, NIP: 9691650158, which provides electronic services and stores and accesses information in the devices of the User of the Site hereinafter referred to as "Service Provider".
(3) You can contact the Service Provider via:
1. e-mail:
2. by telephone: +48603775731
4. these Terms and Conditions were adopted on 01.09.2023.
(5) The Service Provider reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions.

Article 2 [Types and scope of services provided].

(1) The website contains basic information about the activity carried out by the Service Provider:
a platform for creating treatment plans, connecting patients, doctors and owners of dental and medical clinics.
(2) Through the Site, the Service Provider provides free services:
1. publication of comments;
2. subscribing to a newsletter with commercial information (promotions, special offers);

Article 3 [Technical conditions for using the services].

1. in order to use the Site properly, you should have:
1. a device (PC, tablet, smartphone) with an Internet connection,
2. a web browser,
3. if you wish to subscribe to the newsletter, you must have an e-mail address,
4. if you want to take part in the online consultation, you will need to have an e-mail address and one of the programs enabling you to take part in the consultation, i.e. Google Meet. The programs should be updated to the latest version.  
(2) The publication of unlawful content on the Site is prohibited.

Article 4 [Comments]

(1) You may publish comments on the Site.
(2) The Service Provider reserves the right to delete comments without stating a reason.

Article 5 [Newsletter]

(1) The newsletter subscription service is free of charge. It consists in sending commercial information about promotions and special offers of the Service Provider by the Service Provider. By subscribing to the newsletter, you agree that the Service Provider may send commercial information to the e-mail address provided by you.
(2) You may unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time using the unsubscribe option included in the newsletter message or by contacting the Service Provider.

Article 6 [Online consultations]

1. Booking a free consultation.
a. In order to book an appointment, you must:
i. complete the registration form on the Site. The data you provide therein should be truthful and up-to-date.
b. After submitting the form, you will receive an e-mail confirming your booking.
2. To cancel a reservation
a. You can cancel your booking at any time, by phone or email.
b. Cancellation is free of charge.
c. [Online consultations] Consultations are conducted using the programs: Google meet.
d. Consultations last 30 minutes.
e. You will receive an email with a link to the meeting no later than 15 minutes before your booked appointment. If you have any problems with the link, please contact us by phone or email.
f. We are not liable for damages caused by the malfunctioning of your chosen program or other technical problems on your part.

Article 7 [Reporting and handling complaints]

(1) Any person using our services provided through the Site shall have the right to lodge a complaint.
(2) You may send all complaints, remarks and objections to the following address:
(3) A complaint should include:
1. your name and e-mail address,
2. A detailed description and the reason for the complaint,
3. your demands, proposals and conclusions.
(4) We shall respond to the complaint by e-mail within 14 days of receipt of your application.

Article 8 [Dispute resolution].

(1) By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree that if a dispute arises, we will try to resolve it jointly and amicably. The time for negotiation will be 3 months from the date of the claim by me or you. If we do not find a solution to resolve the dispute within the specified period, we will be able to submit our claims to the court of law.
(2) In the case of provision of services to a consumer residing in a country other than Poland, we agree that the case will be decided according to Polish law. This agreement does not deprive you of the protection afforded to you under provisions that cannot be excluded by contract and by law.
(3) I agree to the out-of-court settlement of disputes. If you wish to file a case against me you may do so electronically at:

Article 9 [Data protection].

(1) The Service Provider is a data controller within the meaning of the data protection legislation (RODO and others). Information on the principles of data processing by the Service Provider is contained in the Privacy Policy available at:

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