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Every day, as a specialist, you talk to patients, answer their questions, explain the intricacies of dental solutions and create treatment plans. To make the process more efficient, DrPlan brings technology that streamlines the treatment process.

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Why our app is the best for you

DrPlan is a smarter way to manage your healthcare practice.

Time saving solution

Dentists save time and don’t have to explain treatment over and over again

Patients awareness

Patients find out the cost, they aren't surprised, know the benefits of treatment

Easier management

Practice owners easily plan and obtain profitable business

Patient-centred approach

Being a patient, you want to know what treatment your health problem needs and how much it will cost, 

Being a client, you want to be able to comfortably make an appointment without hanging up the phone.

Being a participant in the treatment process, you want to have continuous and easily accessible access to your medical data and your expense report. 

Partnership between specialists

Being a dentist, you want to know at which phase of specialized treatment the patient is.

Being a provider of dental care, you want to be able to share comments with colleagues and easily place a note.

Being a young doctor, you want to ask for a consultation with a more experienced specialist.

Family-oriented budget

Being the head of the family, you want to plan your expenses in advance.

Being a student, you want to stay under your monthly budget.

Being a Parent, you want to take care of your children's needs as well as your own

Business summaries and guidance

Being a practice owner, you know how to calculate your price list based on your own costs.

Being an entrepreneur, you get an automatic profitability score for your business.

Being an employer,you know how much you can pay for salaries and what your financial profit is.

Why our app is the best for you

When the dentist, through technology, has more time to educate the patient, the patient is more engaged. When both patient and dentist can use the same intuitive tool to clearly see the benefits, communication improves.

When the dentist can easily show the value of treatment with an innovative tool, the patient is much more willing to accept the cost.

If you would like to see how DrPlan brings patients, dentists and dental clinic owners together in one tool, sign up for a free trial!

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How does it work?

Being a patient, you want to know what treatment your health problem needs and how much it will cost. Being a doctor, you are not a businessman —and you should not have to be! Being a physician, you want to treat patients, not calculate revenue streams according to fixed costs and salaries.

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