Dentist Aleksandra Deżakowska

​​With 20 years of experience in various dental fields, I'm the CEO at DrPlan and Dent's Play, with a track record in restorative and cosmetic dentistry, pediatric dentistry, endodontics, radiological patient protection, prosthetics, implant prosthetics, periodontics, laser dentistry, and regenerative medicine.

I've independently managed dental practices and medical centers, creator of DrPlan and Dent's Play web apps for dental practice financial management.

DrPlan simplifies healthcare practice management for patients, dentists, and dental clinics. Dent's Play resolves financial challenges for dental clinics.

I'm a scholarship holder at the Vision Health Pioneer Incubator in Berlin, dedicated to solving healthcare issues. Also, a Mentee of StartSmart CEE, a global organization supporting entrepreneurs.

I've authored a thesis on leadership in family businesses and conquered Kilimanjaro (5895m).

Dentist Aleksander Ciesielski

Chamber in Warsaw, he combines both fields of expertise - dentistry and programming - to create an automated treatment planning solution connecting patients, dentists and dental clinic owners. At the Warsaw University of Technology, he deepens his knowledge of deep machine learning and neural networks. Working with patients every day as a dentist, he understands the difficulties patients and dentists face during office visits.

The combination of his skills forms the basis for innovative technological solutions and a complete view of the challenges solved in healthcare, especially in dentistry.

He specialises in Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) - JavaScript - Programming - Python - HTML5 - TensorFlow - PyTorch - Python - Deep LearningCascading Style Sheets (CSS) - JavaScript - Programming - Python - HTML5 - TensorFlow - PyTorch - Python - Deep Learning

History behind DrPlan

With 20 years of experience in the dental industry, I have always focused on providing the highest quality of care and high standards to patients. I have progressed through various stages of company and team development, becoming a skilled leader who is good at solving problems and building strong teams.

My journey has led me from being a dental specialist and co-owner of a clinic to studying leadership and mentoring others. I also ventured into the world of technology and business by starting a new project. Initially, I created Dent's Play, a financial management tool for dental practice owners, which later evolved into DrPlan. DrPlan is now a tool that helps dentists create treatment plans, communicate with patients and learn so they can focus on patient care instead of paperwork.

As a manager, I have organised work effectively, created clear management processes, kept a close eye on our finances and set new growth targets. I am passionate about learning and helping my team to improve their skills, collaborate better and stay up to date with modern practices.

Why our app is the best for you

DrPlan is a smarter way to manage your healthcare practice

Our Mission

To make patient-doctor communication simpler and more effective thanks to innovative technology.

Our Vision

Developing, together with patients and doctors, a system of innovative communication as a basis for relationships and a successful treatment process.

Our Goal

To include technological solutions to educate, build partnership and equality between patient and doctor

Meet Dr. Plan great team

Aleksandra Deżakowska


Aleksander Ciesielski

Junior Software Developer

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