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No more selling.
No more calculating.
Only care.

It's an application designed for financial management in the realm of Saas. DrPlan is a user-friendly platform for crafting and overseeing treatment plans along with their associated expenses. We begin with a focus on dentistry and then expand into the field of medicine.

Time optimizing

Money saving

More effective work

Nurturing Trust, Innovation, and Financial Empowerment

We create trust among three key stakeholder groups - patients, dentists, and dental clinics - as we plan a innovative journey for all of them.

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Why our app is the best for you

DrPlan is a smarter way to manage your healthcare practice.

Time saving solution

We help dentists get engaged to patients faster because they don't have to spend hours explaining and showing a treatment's benefits.

Patients awareness

We are giving an easy-to-use tool which helps patients plan costs in time, so they are prepared financially and mentally for different kinds of treatment. 

Easier management

We show dental office owners predictable, long-term profitability according to time, costs and salaries.

Patient-centred approach

Being a patient, you want to know what treatment your health problem needs and how much it will cost, 

Being a client, you want to be able to comfortably make an appointment without hanging up the phone.

Being a participant in the treatment process, you want to have continuous and easily accessible access to your medical data and your expense report. 

Partnership between specialists

Being a dentist, you want to know at which phase of specialized treatment the patient is.

Being a provider of dental care, you want to be able to share comments with colleagues and easily place a note.

Being a young doctor, you want to ask for a consultation with a more experienced specialist.

Family-oriented budget

Being the head of the family, you want to plan your expenses in advance.

Being a student, you want to stay under your monthly budget.

Being a Parent, you want to take care of your children's needs as well as your own

Business summaries and guidance

Being a practice owner, you know how to calculate your price list based on your own costs.

Being an entrepreneur, you get an automatic profitability score for your business.

Being an employer,you know how much you can pay for salaries and what your financial profit is.

Who will thrive most benefits from our app

One specialized tool that safeguards the needs of everyone involved in the dental treatment process

Good for dentists

Easy-to-use dental tool for planning and processing

Good for patients

Patient-friendly, cost-predictable treatment plan

Good for clinic owners

Financial Management SaaS for dental office analysis

Why our app is the best for you

"An app like DrPlan would save a lot of time spent by the doctor discussing the treatment plan, and visualising the planned treatment would convince many patients of the need for treatment.”

Dr Grzegorz

”We are creating a bond with the patient, and a tool like this allows us doctors to create this bond more quickly with personalized notes. Patients are delighted and say: 'This is the doctor who remembers what we talked about last time!' "

Dr Kornelia

"To the patient, the app would say "We welcome you to our clinic, we would be very pleased if you already do the necessary tests before your visit. Then from the very first visit we will be able to take the best care of you".


"Thanks to DrPlan, the patient will know that we care about them as a person and not just as a client".

The owner of the office

"The most annoying thing at the moment is filling in the diagram manually. Being able to replace it in DrPlan with voice filling would be a big improvement in my daily work"

Dr Jakub

”Once the cost estimate has been submitted, the patient can choose the length of time they want to complete the treatment and has the option to start paying fixed instalments knowing the fixed monthly costs."

Assistant Martyna

"DrPlan allows you to build a relationship with the patient quicker, and this is key. The patient would feel taken care of from the entrance, and it would replace the patient caregiver. It is the linking element between the patient and the dental team and unifies everything that happens within one dental practice, from the hygienist to the specialists e.g. surgeon or orthodontist, it unifies, facilitates communication."


”It is first and foremost an application for us dentists, streamlining the running of the practice, remotely controlling everything that happens in the surgery, and secondly it is a convenience for patients, especially the inquisitive ones, who want to know everything and they will appreciate it very much".

Dr Piotr

"Voice filling of the diagram at the stage of the dental examination and the automatic assignment of the price to this is a hit! Often the assistant does not keep up with the filling of the diagram. The doctor does not want to waste time on the entry because he is busy with the examination. And the patient wants to know right away thanks to the treatment plan how much he will pay for the visit"


”The software I use in my practice is not intuitive. DrPlan brings more fluidity to the workflow for the doctor and more understanding of the treatment process for the patient. DrPlan will improve communication in the dental practice"

The owner of the office

”The nice thing about DrPlan is the task-based operation. The patient gets a task-based plan presented with each step, with visualisation, with predicted cost, and knows that by doing so, they will reach the final stage of treatment and their expectations will be met."


”It is very important to be able to download the patient's data from the program in use, the same goes for the price list.”


Interested in the project? Get a chance to be part of it

Dr Plan, as a company that develops software for and by doctors, is looking for medical professionals who want both to share their experience of working with patients and to express and meet their needs in a world of emerging technological change

Let’s share some knowledge and experience

Sharing experience and adopting new technological solutions, including in the field of artificial intelligence, is one of DrPlan's areas of focus

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If you're interested in testing our application or exploring a potential partnership, please feel free to reach out to us.

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